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That Girl

That Girl

I hadn’t been to a concert in over a year.  I saw Third Day about this time last summer. It was a great time but something was lacking. For the longest time,  I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing.   Then it hit me:

That Girl.

That Girl is at every concert.

Most of the time, That Girl has been drinking.  That Girl is the one girl at any concert who inadvertently makes a fool of herself by drinking too much, dancing too much and drawing unwanted attention to herself.  I have done research on this and you will never find more than one That Girl at any event. They do not travel in herds. They are also like roosters in that only one will be Alpha-That-Girl. Once one emerges as That Girl at a concert, the other potential That Girls disappear into the mist.

That Girl’s evening begins normal enough. She shows up at the venue looking very stylized. She has spent a lot of time on her makeup and big hair (always long. I have yet to see a That Girl with short spiky hair.)  Since That Girl probably doesn’t get to go out much, she may have even gone shopping for a new outfit just for this evening. Sometimes she’s with her boyfriend or sometimes she’s out with the girls. The thing about That Girl is, you don’t know until closing time who she’s there with and even then it’s not definite as to who she came with. Don’t try to spot her when you first arrive, you won’t find her. That Girl doesn’t emerge until after the first few rounds.

Once you do spot her, you will not look away. And unlike most times when you should look away, this time you don’t want to because she is captivating. She is mesmerizing in her own sloshy drunken way. She’s the first one up dancing and the last one still swaying when the song ends. Some times she will have a death grip on her beer, sometimes she will wave her beer in the air and other times she will be doing a jig with nothing in her hands at all, giving her full range to throw them up in the air and let them gently drift back down in a wavy dream-like fashion  That Girl dances with her whole body including her long stringy hair. She’ll swing her head around all crazy while she’s swaying and sloshing. She looks like a hippy wannabe except for the fact that  sometimes she’s dressed like a sorority sister. With a little bit of research, you’d probably find that she was the President of her chapter.

That Girl’s age could range anywhere from twenty-one (Many birthday girls end up being That Girl because of the unending free shots) to seventy-one. That Girl knows no age. If you notice an older That Girl, chances are this isn’t her first experience in the role. She’s probably been playing it all of her life and is either comfortable playing the part or has no idea she’s been cast.

That Girl has no clue that she is drawing such attention…or does she? This is the question i always ask myself.  .i really think it depends on the girl. A good way to judge is to see how many times while swaying that she loses her balance. If it’s more than twice, there’s a good chance she doesn’t mean to draw attention to herself but can’t help it because with liquid courage comes spinning rooms.

These girls may be and probably are, considered fairly normal in their everyday lives. But once they get that beer in their bellies and music in their souls, they just become…That Girl.

And if you go to a venue, are on the dance floor and look around and can’t find That Girl…it’s probably you. Keep drinking. You won’t remember any of this in the morning.

And for that you will be glad.


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