A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

14 Mar
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They (whoever they are…I’ve always believed that there is a committee somewhere in the world who is this “they” and that “they” make all of the world’s final decisions as to what is said in definitive matters) say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think in pictures and my mind never stops.  So on average, I probably have at least a million words trampling around on my gray matter at any one time.

Most of the amusement in my life comes from the way my brain processes what I am seeing or how I frame things. For instance, whenever a friend starts telling me a story from when they were a kid, no matter how they describe themselves or what the story is about, I ALWAYS see that friend the same way. My brain creates a video clip of a child running around an asphalt playground. And then I see the head. It’s the adult head of my friend. So the complete pictures is of my adult friend’s head sitting atop the body of a child running around in circles, waving little T-Rex-like arms around. It’s very similar to a Mii from the Nintendo Wii system.

When I read certain stories in the Bible, I do this too. And with today’s technology (or a pen and a few index cards) I was able to capture the visual images that go through my head as I read or hear a certain part of the story of Abraham and Isaac. If you are not familiar with the story, what basically happened (I’m leaving out some details just so that you don’t get overwhelmed with them) is that God blessed Abraham and Sarah (Abe’s wife) with a son when they were way old. They had always wanted kids but couldn’t have any so Isaac (said son) was kind of a big deal.

One day, God decided to test Abraham. God told him to take Isaac to the region of Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering. So Abraham gets up the next day, tries to act all normal and takes Isaac up a mountain. Isaac’s not stupid though, he says,

“The fire and wood are here but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

And Abraham tells him that God will supply it and so they take off. They get to the place God told them to go and Abraham tries to act normal, building the the altar and arranging the wood. All of a sudden, Abe whips out a knife to kill his son.

But an angel speaks and tells Abraham not to sacrifice Isaac. He has proven himself as being fearful and obedient to God. Then Abraham notices a ram caught in a thicket and sacrifices it as the offering. The angel tells Abraham that he will be blessed because of his obedience and everybody heads home.

Nothing is ever mentioned about how Isaac reacted or what he said during all of this. So without further ado, I give you my take (please note that this is not completely accurate. I said my mind thought in pictures, I didn’t say they were biblically accurate or up to par with a van Gogh) on the story of Abraham and Isaac, as told in Genesis 22….

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